Life Smart Book

Life Smart was originally written for young people aged 13-19, to help them navigate the challenges of adolescence but is suitable for and relevant to all age groups.

Written with awareness and understanding, this book provides sound advice on how to deal with the most pressing issues of these vital years – issues everybody experiences in their teens, including:

  • The ups and downs of friendships and love.
  • Learning to believe in ourselves and accept others.
  • Finding a direction in our lives.
  • Relating to our families.

In a clear, accessible style and illuminated with quotes from wise and inspirational thinkers, the book Life Smart also describes practical activities to get teenagers thinking and acting in a balanced and self-supporting way. It empowers young people to not only make choices, but – by being true to themselves – to make the best choices for them.

Vicki Bennett was Chairperson and Trustee of Young Achievement Australia in Queensland for 11 years. She was actively involved in working with teenagers. Vicki won a ‘Women of Substance’ award from Guides Australia Queensland for her mentorship of Girl Guides and their leaders. A mother of five – including three stepchildren – she worked closely with young people in schools during the development of Life Smart.

‘It is very refreshing to read a book that doesn’t say ‘You can do anything.’ I liked the practical approach… and how you become what you think about. I found the energy process great – I use it all the time.’ Sally, 17.

‘I like the casual style this book was written in and I liked the activities. They were very insightful.’ Ben, 18.

‘This is an amazing book… Vicki’s energy and enthusiasm shine through as she speaks to teenagers on the issues relevant to them.’ Elizabeth M. Gilchrist, past State Commissioner, Guides Australia Queensland.

‘Vicki captures twenty-first century teen living through the eyes of those who are living it. A must-read for all young people and their parents. An uplifting read – I couldn’t put it down.’ Dennis Doyle, Executive Director, Young Achievement Australia.

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