Life Smart Australia is a readily-accessible training program in core life skills, that is highly attuned to today’s needs. The Program is ready to roll out to people of all backgrounds and ages – students, workers, aged care residents, unemployed, parents and children.

Life Smart Australia is a seven-module, comprehensive, self-contained and fully-supported life-skill training package. It is available for delivery under licence by businesses, schools, training organisations, not-for-profit and Government organisations. It’s also available for delivery under licence by private and Government training providers and welfare organisations.

The Program offers the tools and skills to people of all ages and backgrounds to create personal fulfilment and success in business, relationships, friendship, career and in living a balanced and satisfying life.

The Life Smart Australia Program originates from the book Life Smart – Choices for Young People about Friendship, Family and Future by Vicki Bennett.

Life Smart programs in Australia, Singapore and Japan have been successfully delivered over ten years to:

  • Business men and women.
  • Students and teenagers.
  • Community organisations and community leaders.
  • Staff groups in business and Government.
  • Aged care residents and carers.

The target audience for this program is wide-ranging. Life Smart is for anyone who wants to learn valuable life skills to navigate the 21st century.

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