Life Smart Program

The Life Smart Participant Workbook is written in a clear style, accessible for both trainers and participants.

‘This program has given me easy ways to improve my negative self-talk. I have always been hard on myself and these techniques really help me to be kinder to myself.’ Jan, age 22.

The Program provides practical tools to support participants in thinking and acting in a balanced and self-supporting way. It empowers people to make the best choices for them.

Life Smart – Train the Trainer Workbook is a structured, easy to follow trainer’s manual; it contains everything a trainer needs to deliver a successful, informative, energetic and fun program which benefits both trainer and participants.

In this comprehensive manual, trainers are supported with structured material in clear module form. Well-structured exercises, tools and a visually vibrant PowerPoint are provided, which will support the trainer in producing the desired outcomes.

‘It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.’ Tom Robbins, Author.

‘As Trainers, our organisation is delighted to be presenting material in Japan that will capture the imagination and the spirit of the participants.’ Mariko Hyland, Life Smart trainer, Japan.

‘Life Smart is easy to follow and implement. I love all the exercises in the program, they are smart and really help the students to absorb the ideas and information.’ Carolyn Hauff AM, Educator.

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